Smoke / Orange Peel / Off-White / Dark Charcoal (J)
Navy / Blue Shadow / Off White (D)
Navy / Off White / Raspberry (A)
Dark Charcoal / Raspberry / Off White / Black (E)
Navy / Sochi Blue / Off White / Cobalt (H)
Navy / Bronze Mel / Off White / Beige Mel (P)
Off White / Schiefer / Allium / Grey Mel (T)
Navy / Raspberry / Off White (C)

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St. Moritz Hat

St. Moritz Hat

Sporty and stylish, the St. Moritz hat is made with 100% Merino wool. Merino wool exterior for insulation and warmth is lined with a lightweight, Merino wool liner for breathability, sweat wicking, and itch-free comfort.


  • 100% Merino wool
  • Accessorize with the men's or women's St. Moritz sweater, each sold separately
  • Machine washable
Sizing Chart

USD: 69.95