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Airing your wool garments

It might sound odd, but it’s a fact: The best way to keep your wool garment beautiful and in good condition for years to come, is to wash it less frequently.

Wool has several unique properties, one of them being that wool garments can be refreshed simply by hanging in fresh air. Wool is naturally antibacterial and dirt resistant. These things combined means you don’t need to wash your wool garment as frequently as other garments. Not only does this prolong the lifespan of your garment. It allows you to reduce your personal consumption by saving energy and laundry detergent – and reducing the turnover of your wardrobe.

Preferably the wool garment should be aired outdoors. Alternatively, you can hang your garment in a high-humidity room, like the bathroom. A good tip is to hang your garment in the bathroom while taking a shower. Another is to let your wool garment rest by not using it subsequently, day after day.

Stains can be removed by water, either with a damp cloth or rinsing the stained part in the sink.

When you do wash your wool garment, it’s important to wash it correctly. Please check the washing instructions on your garment prior to washing. Please note that some of our wool garments need to be hand washed. You can learn more about washing our wool garments here.