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BY ELIAS & KAJSA / Travel & Lifestyle Creators

Winter in Norway can be long and challenging, and it's not always easy to thrive during this season. Like many other Norwegians, we, Elias and Kajsa, were a couple who mainly looked forward to the summer season - often heading to warmer climates when winter set in. However, this winter, we decided on something new: to embrace the season and truly enjoy it to the fullest.

Our journey towards liking winter began the moment we finally stepped out of our comfort zone. From previously thinking that the joy of winter could only be experienced through activities like cross-country skiing in the forest or summiting peaks in the Sunnmøre Alps - to now seeing the joy of being outdoors, breathing in fresh air, and enjoying winter days just as we do summer days.

The big step was getting started, and we began with daily 10-minute walks to feel the fresh air. A short stroll around the neighborhood suddenly turned into an hour-long hike up to the nearest forest to treat ourselves to a break from the roads, shops, and city life. Over time, this evolved into longer excursions, where we packed the car with warm clothes, coffee, and our favorite sweaters from Dale of Norway, setting out to explore the beautiful Norwegian winter.

We took the opportunity to explore new winter destinations and activities. From going on winter adventures in Lofoten, with mountains, beaches, and incredible sunsets - to embarking on a road trip to two of our favorite summer destinations; Loen and Åndalsnes. Little did we know what kind of surroundings they would offerer. We quickly discovered that winter is about so much more than just cold, darkness, and closed roads. Winter, which occupies such a large part of the year, can offerer truly incredible surroundings, both near and far, and the energy it gave us to see the value in this time has definitely made the season something to look forward to!

Here are some activities we recommend for those of you who want a little winter adventure:

Lofoten Adventure: Reserve accommodation, rent a car, and explore the surroundings right at the beginning or end of the winter season for the best possible weather. The mountains may not be accessible for hikes, but the opportunities along the ground are absolutely amazing.

Åndalsnes: This place is surrounded by tall and pointed mountains that even the most seasoned mountain enthusiast can't help but smile from ear to ear. Take the opportunity to ride the Romsdalsgondolen up to the beautiful Eggen. On a nice day, there is a guarantee of fantastic views and a great way to experience the landscape.

Road trip through Norway's favorite valleys, Lodalen (Loen), Olden, and Stryn: Experience the places completely alone, something you rarely get to do on a good summer day. Drive around, explore, stop, and perhaps challenge yourself to an ice bath surrounded by the most beautiful sceneries.

Dale of Norway has been a valuable supporter on our journey to enjoy winter. They have not only kept us warm and comfortable but have also given us a sense of style and simplicity even on the coldest days. A good wool sweater does a lot on days like these, and it's not necessarily the most advanced outdoor clothing that you need to survive outdoors. With good wool garments, much is accomplished, and for us, investing in long-lasting pieces has been essential. A sweater from Dale can easily last through many winter seasons in the years to come, possibly even a lifetime.

We live to inspire others to new adventures! Welcome to follow us and our travel experiences through Norway's fjords and mountains, van life through the Alps in Europe, and tropical travels in Asia: @eliasandkajsa on Instagram and TikTok.