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Our wool family is an extensive one

Our collections are designed with different types of wool adapted to each product. Thus, our wool family is an extensive one. Since 1879 we have fine-tuned our production techniques, making garments with superior long-lasting qualities. This is the secret behind our unique wool garments with unsurpassed quality and longevity.

All our yarns are combed, as opposed to brushed. This process removes short fibers and ensures a softer feel, a crisp look and very little pilling.

Our wool family consists mainly of Norwegian wool and merino wool. Like all children, each are perfect in their own way. Our oldest family member is Plover. This rugged fellow has been with us for over 80 years – since 1939! Harmony is the newest addition to our family. She has spent some quality-time in Italy before arrival, which have made her quite a bit refined.

You can say all our family members have their own personalities. Here they are:

(Remember: the lower micron, the finer the wool).