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The true heroes are our employees

Even though ingenuity, unique products and a relentless focus on quality has been a key factor for our enduring success, we know the true heroes of our story are our employees. Some employed for 40, 50 and even 60 years, some without a single day of sick leave. At Dale we have several generations working side by side, and some of our colleagues are an impressive fifth generation Dale employee.

Loyalty like this doesn’t come by chance. Since the very beginning there has been a symbiotic relationship between the factory and the Dale people. Without loyal workers there can be no factory. Without the factory, there are no jobs. Thus, the factory and the community are strongly connected and equally dependent on each other.  

The legend tells the story of an elderly employee impossible to retire. Despite having his regular rounds in the factory twice a day, he was never to be seen when the letter of retirement was to be handed over. Some say he’s still here, that he has become a ghost. But technically, he is still an employee, a colleague of ours. We only know him as the Spirit of Dale of Norway.