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We are one of very few textile companies who still have production in Norway. It has been quite a journey since the beginning in 1879. Find out more about our production at Dale.

The knitting room - the heart of the factory

The heart of our factory is the Knitting Room. This is where we knit all our sweaters, jackets and accessories.

The Finishing Room

Our highly skilled staff in our Finishing Room are invaluable in the development of new and continuously improved products. Being a company with high standards and premium quality at all stages, our colleagues in the Finishing Room are a key asset.

The white gold

For over 140 years it has been a consistent and reliable source of power for our factory. And now, with increased focus on renewable energy, the white gold has gained an extra dimension, an even higher carat.

Generations of employees

At Dale we have several generations working side by side, and some of our colleagues are an impressive fifth generation Dale employee. Loyalty like this doesn’t come by chance. Since the very beginning there has been a symbiotic relationship between the factory and the Dale people. 

Wool Group Poland

While we knit our garments at Dale, the knitted panels are stitched together at our factory in Poland. This is a factory wholly owned by us.

Worker’s welfare and work environment

With production in Norway, we are in control of our work environment and the compliance of health and safety protocols (HSE). Classic issues seemingly sticked to production in developing countries, such as exploitation of workers, dangerous working environments and polluting emissions are thus avoided.

Factory Outlet & Museum

The best way to experience our brand, its history and collection is to visit our factory. Here you can make a bargain on premium knitwear knitted literally under your feet.