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The Knitting Room – the heart of our factory

The heart of our factory is the Knitting Room. All lined up, our machines knits and knits – and knits. Nonstop from early Monday morning to Friday afternoon. This is where we knit all our sweaters, jackets and accessories, except for our next-to-skin garments.

Some of our wool garments are so popular they have their own dedicated knitting machine. Other machines effortlessly swap between models and patterns, based on sales and demand.

While our machines only get their rest during weekends, our knitting operators are working shift jobs. Even though our knitting machines conjure one garment after another, they are not self-governed. Three knitting machine operators can service up to 21 knitting machines.

Did you know that before we got our knitting machines, we had housewives spread all over our country knitting finished sweaters for us? It sounds like something we have dreamt up but it’s completely true.

Our production in Norway provides for several advantages. The most obvious being full control on quality, work environment and environmental impact. But just as important is the ability to continuously adjust our production to current demand. Thus, overproduction and its economic and environmental disadvantages are averted.

Before you worry that the robots are taking over, we can assure you that our machines are not (yet) capable of stitching the knitted panels together into finished garments. This is a task for our skilled colleagues.

If you pay our factory at Dale a visit during the summer months, you can sign up for a guided tour. Here you can follow the whole process from yarn to finished garment.