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Dale –> West Coast –> Norway –> Scandinavia –> Northern Europe

Mountains & energy ¬– our location

Where the deep fjords of west coast Norway ends, nicely tucked away between towering mountains, you’ll find the village of Dale and the cornerstone company Dale of Norway. Being located next to a once mighty river, this location is no coincidence. The combination of high mountains and a wet climate with plenty of rainfall enables water falls with almost unlimited access to pure energy – and a corresponding pure environmental conscience.



Unbreakable bonds – the village and the factory

Prior to the establishment of our factory in 1879, Dale was a vanishingly small place with a few, poor farms. Suddenly there was a great need for labor, and a boomtown quickly sprung up. Where there once were only a few sheep and a dilapidated barn, a modern, buzzing town emerged.

Throughout history there has been a near symbiotic relationship between the locals and the factory. Without the factory, no jobs. And without loyal workers, no factory. Thus, the people and the factory were weaved together in unbreakable bonds.

After more than 140 years of coexistence, we have an eventful journey behind us. You can learn more about how the world has changed, and the factory with it, here.