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Our legacy as leading makers of knitted Norwegian sweaters is due to our unique Nordic patterns and innovative knitting technology. Our factory has been operating since 1879. Through years of fine-tuning, our Norwegian sweaters and cardigans offer superior long-lasting qualities.

Nicely tucked away between towering mountains, where the deep fjords of west coast Norway ends, you’ll find the village of Dale. Since the very beginning in 1879, the local Bergsdal river has powered our factory. Due to the cold winters, Norway has a long tradition in wool and knitwear. This provides us with a rich heritage of beautiful patterns, inspired by nature and history.

We are one of very few textile companies who still have production in Norway. It has been quite a journey since the beginning in 1879. Our factory has survived several devastating fires, two world wars, a depression, a couple of floods and several pandemics. From raw wool to finished products, our knitwear has been fine-tuned with more than 140 years of experience.